Protocols and Home Practice

Every month we will be doing ceremony honoring that months direction on the medicine wheel. We intend that we approach ceremony in a good way, centered in Spirit, our attention here and now. Please arrive by 6:45pm so that you can be smudged or otherwise cleansed and do whatever it takes for you to be centered and ready inside and out to begin promptly at 7pm. Our monthly circle is held at East Books, White Rose Light Center at 2216 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA.

Bring your altar item with you, and any home practice materials that you have. Every month we will have suggested practice to expand on that month’s ceremonial experience, as well as suggestions for preparing for the next months circle. As with anything else, the more that you participate the more you will benefit.


In February, we are experiencing grace.

Home practice questions for contemplation for February 2009:

1. Am I ready to trust in life and manifest harmony?
2. Do I fear being alone?
3. Have I wasted any of my life looking back at what is no longer mine?
4. Do I believe in the illusion that I am alone?
5. What shadows will be healed by the gifts of meditations grace?