Protocols and Home Practice

Every month we will be doing ceremony honoring that months direction on the medicine wheel. We intend that we approach ceremony in a good way, centered in Spirit, our attention here and now. Please arrive by 6:45pm so that you can be smudged or otherwise cleansed and do whatever it takes for you to be centered and ready inside and out to begin promptly at 7pm. Our monthly circle is held at East Books, White Rose Light Center at 2216 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA.

Bring your altar item with you, and any home practice materials that you have. Every month we will have suggested practice to expand on that month’s ceremonial experience, as well as suggestions for preparing for the next months circle. As with anything else, the more that you participate the more you will benefit.


You Define Your Own Home Practice

This year, our fourth of meeting in ceremony, is even more anchored in our centeredness and connection with our inner wisdom or wise woman. Every year prior to this we have given the women home practice to do throughout the following month. This year, celebrating our own inner connectedness, the definition of our home practice is more individually created. Feel free to contact us, or comment on the blog to ask about specific practices we have assigned in the past, or to share your own wisdom.


September: Introspection into truth and shadow healing

Home practice questions for contemplation this month:

1. Am I ready to shine my full light in the world?

2. Am I willing to attempt to walk my truth with hope in my heart?

3. Will I be kind to me as well as my fellows as a simple purification process?

4. Have I allowed shame to steer parts of me into dark hallways? How can I light up my corners and come to embrace all of who I am?

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We have moved - our new home

We will be meeting next Friday, Aug 21 - 6:45pm at our new home: Friends Meeting House 890 57th St, Sacramento 95819. We look forward to seeing you there, should you care to join us, Please RSVP!

We are sooo happy in our new meeting place! It is beautiful and peaceful and it supports our energy well. We look forward to you joining us here. One of the things that happened in a serendipitous/blessing way was that this place occurred to us and was readily available Except one month every quarter. It turns out those months are the months of the soltices and equinoxes. Dena has been leading ceremony celebrating the equinoxes and solstices at a magical place down in Elk Grove called Piccolo Pastures with Karene Piccolo, so we are going to meet there on our night on those months only. The specific dates are listed on the flyer below. Men and children are invited to those meetings in Elk Grove (only) and we will have a potluck before ceremony, so we meet at 5:30 or 6pm on those evenings.

August - The long journey from head to heart

Home practice questions for contemplation this month:

1. Does the corruption in the world and/or my experiences burden my heart or mind?
2. Am I ready to step out with acceptance as I attempt balance in my life?
3. What do I know about going with the natural flow and harmony in life?
4. Am I committed to maintaining connection with my spiritual self?

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July Truly is the Month of Change

Greetings all Women of the Circle
It seems that July 2009 is truly the month of Change. We always seem to experience that which the circle is focused on each month. We had no idea what that would mean for us this month. WE ARE MOVING!! We are in the process of firming up plans for a new spot for us to meet. We are so very grateful to East West Books for graciously housing our monthly circle for most of the past 2 1/2 years. The store has announced that they are closing July 3. This is a sad thing for most all of us. In the meantime, we have every intention of continuing the circle and our monthly meetings. Please check back, or even better yet, sign up for our e-letter. We will let you know as soon as we have firmly established our new home.
the Grandmothers of the Wisdom Circle


July - Changes Like a Waterfall

July: You can't go back up a Waterfall
Home practice questions for contemplation for July 2009:

1). Am I attached to my roles in life? Do I ever feel obligated to act a certain way? What opportunities for change am I experiencing?
2). Am I willing to consider myself with self-love?
3). What do I do to transform my experience? How are the changes in my life wholesome and beneficial for me?
4). Have I unwittingly persisted in an effort to keep things familiar?

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June 2009 - Conscious Growth

June: As I shake free of my old skin, I begin my life’s revolution one step at a time

Home practice questions for contemplation for May 2009:

1). Do I curb my eagerness to learn because of self-doubt?
2). Do I get distracted by activities which are truly a waste of my time?
3). Will I ground myself in the hoop of community, and allow my healing?
4). Am I courageous and energetic as I attempt to take the actions necessary in my life? Am I ready to grow into my natural wisdom?
5). Do I slip into judgement due to fear? Am I willing to trust myself and Higher Power and honor the differences instead??

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